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Divorce, Domestic Violence and Family Law

Family Law

Family problems are among the most stressful we can face.  It is a time of worry while facing an unknown and uncertain future.  Family law cases are often complicated and sensitive. When individuals fight over child custody, finances, and property, the stakes are high and emotions are strong.  Courtroom proceedings and the law in general can seem daunting and unfairly impersonal, especially when you are under stress and emotions are already running high. 


No one wants to see their life savings disappear into the hands of a divorce attorney.  Al Gellene will set a reasonable fee for his services and work hard to achieve an equitable solution without surrendering your rights.  If strong and immediate action is needed, Al Gellene will act swiftly and surely on your behalf. With over 30 years of experience as a litigator, he will not be afraid to fight for you.


When domestic violence issues arise, you will need to have an attorney who is well experienced and ready to protect and defend you.  Whether accuser or accused, you deserve to have your side of the case presented fairly and completely to ensure that justice is done.


Al will ensure that your rights and interests are protected.  He will be on your side.


"I will never forget that your case is highly personal.  I will give you honest advice based on many years of experience. I will pursue your interests thoroughly, firmly and competently with a view to achieving the best result for you while avoiding unnecessary expense and delay.  I will work to achieve your goals with determination and aggressively.

Experience in Family Law



Property Division

Child Support

Child Custody    

Domestic Violence, including Protective Orders

Child abuse, including Department of Social Services

Child Protective Services cases and appeals.

Separation Agreements