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Al Gellene, in practice for over 30 years, is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will use his skills to help save your house and other treasured assets. As an experienced criminal lawyer, he will work hard to preserve your rights and obtain a just result. As an experienced litigator, Al Gellene has produced major awards for his clients. In his practice as a divorce lawyer, he works to achieve equitable results at a reasonable cost.

My clients deal with me personally. I work earnestly to protect them and their interests. I will accept personal responsibility for your case and pursue your rights with diligence. I will explain to you, in terms that you can understand, the issues that are confronting you and the right path towards resolution of your legal problem. When I agree to represent a client, he or she becomes more than a mere ‘file’ in my office. I take pride in producing good results at a fair price.

-Al Gellene, Esq.

Bankruptcy and Debtor relief

Practical advice on what to do now if you are facing financial dificulty

Divorce, Domestic Violence and Family Law

When family issues arise.

Criminal Law and Municipal Court

If you have been arrested or charged

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